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Koyi Market

Legal Notice

Everything we do will be dedicated to the service of our customers, and with it, the realisation of our vision of becoming one of the world's most celebrated brand names.

While there may already be many existing superior quality brands in Australia, we will strive to be the first choice of your 'Made in Australia' standard food products, whether they be business-related or for personal use.

Legal Notice

The logo of Koyi Market

Koyi Australia is a registered trademark owned by Koyi Pty Ltd, the pre-eminent Australian entity providing manufacturing and branding services directly and through its global network of affiliated companies ('the Koyi Hub') –

·    Koyi Australia operates as a brand alliance, including several associated and licensed entities providing high-quality Australia-made productions.

·    Our broader network includes representative offices, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers demanding Australia's productions in almost every province of China ('our Associates').


Koyi Australia also has several affiliates businesses offering packaging design services and pavilions/exhibitions planning services – 

·    Koyi Design (a business unit within the Koyi Hub) that offers packaging/labelling design services to our members seeking customised and cultural images targeting designated target market; and 

·    Koyi Public Relations and Advertising provides cutting-edge PRA solutions directly to our members and clients, ensuring a smooth launching campaign. 


Koyi Australia is neither a domestic manufacturer nor a multinational corporation: one member's brand (by whatever name) does not relate to the brands of another member. Accordingly, a reference on this Website to "Koyi", "KoyiAustralia", "Koyi Australia", "the company", "we", "us", or "our" relates to one or more entities of the Koyi Union. An individual as a "chain supply manager" means an individual who is a chain supply manager (or a person of equivalent status) of one of these members of the brand alliance. 


The use of these phrases is for convenience and is in no way intended to imply that any of the entities are liable for each other's acts or omissions. Each member is licensed to use the "Koyi Australia" name but operates as a separate marketing entity. Each of the entities (unless expressly identified as an agent or representative of the Koyi Australia) is independent of the others in the network. No individual chain supply manager has any authority to bind the chain supply managers governing other brands. Similarly, none of us (or our chain supply managers) can obligate any member or owners to do anything. Each member of the group is liable only for its acts or omissions and not those of any other member.


The business terms or engagement conditions for each entity may differ – you must observe the conditions and engage on the agreed times. 


Scams Trojans and Phishing Frauds & Cons

Be aware of emails or pop-ups that purport to be authored or sent by Koyi Australia that demand you be redirected to an external site, require you to divulge sensitive information, contain requests for money or financial data (such as bank account or credit card details). 


In particular, fake invoices or demands sent from an incorrect email address, unusual attachment types, requests suggesting your password or link to the site need to be renewed and require you to go to another location or insert your current password for verification. Do not in any of these cases attempt to reply or contact the alleged sender or open any suspicious emails or attachments. If possible, take a screenshot and send the screenshot to and or call our office for further assistance. 


If you require further information on scams and cons, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission provides a valuable reference and referral site –


Should you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us at your most convenient time.

+61 2 83388883

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