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The logo of Koyi Market

The story is simple - We're in pursuit of excellence—something truly premium is non-negotiable. Our lifestyle echoes this sentiment, steering clear of toxic connections. When it comes to food, our quest is for the utmost in health and safety, aspiring to reach the pinnacle of nutrition without sacrificing flavour in the slightest. 



Le Bien Etre, derived from the French for 'well-being,' epitomizes our desired way of life. It encapsulates not just a lifestyle but a philosophy—wherein 'Le Bien Etre' isn't just a pursuit but a way of existence, harmonizing every facet of our being with the essence of wellness

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KOYI /' kɔyi/ is derived from the pronunciation of the founder's native dialect, and means 'recognition', and has a more profound connotation implying that of superior quality.




KOYI is committed to differentiating itself from other high-quality local competitors with its unique integrated business model and orientation towards the export of its fine foods to China in particular, but also, the Asian market in general.



KOYI AUSTRALIA, the other component of the company, will focus on the manufacturing of customised products upon request and will be governed by the world's strictest food safety regulations. Made in Australia, KOYI AUSTRALIA will demonstrate a measure of professionalism, security, and confidence in who will be recognised throughout the world. 

KOYI AUSTRALIA,Le Bien Etre, Favourmore has been registered with the Australian Securities & Investment Commission and has processed an application for a trademark to secure our identity. 

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